The digital medium provides a variety of useful tools to analyze historical data. The newspapers contained within the Archive have been transcribed and marked up in eXtensible Markup Language (XML) to allow for sorting, browsing, and manipulating the texts.


  • TokenX: Developed at the Center for Digital Research in the Humanities at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, TokenX text-analysis software generates word-frequency lists and word clouds to visualize language usage and word significance. Users can also manipulate word searching and visualization options.

  • Word Clouds: Wordle-generated word clouds aide historians in asking new questions within text and visualizing the usage of words over time. The word clouds here analyze the corpus of newspaper articles and are divided down into their national, regional, and local variations.

  • Time Line: The newspaper articles are situated in a timeline developed by MIT's SIMILE software. Users can view the distribution of newspaper coverage over time and see how information was disseminated through the print medium. The timeline also allows users to view the newspaper articles through links in the timeline entries.


These Google Map interfaces plot key geographic information related to the American Indian Movement.

  • AIM Protests: This map interface plots AIM protests. In the future, the protests will be linked to relevant primary source material.

  • AIM Chapters: This map interface plots AIM chapters throughout the United States.

  • Relocation/Termination Centers: This map plots the relocation and termination centers American Indians relocated to under the federal government's termination policies.


  • Documents: The digitized newspaper collection at Framing Red Power provides access to several newspaper articles covering the events of October and November 1972 related to the Trail of Broken Treaties. Through this you can see how newspapers covered the events, described the activists, and charted the events of the six-day occupation.

  • Search: The search engine allows you to search across the entire newspaper collection for specific keywords, thus providing you a way to parse documents that are most useful to you.